Harrison County high school students who are behind in credits or who are stuggling to earn the required courses to graduate can earn their high school diploma through the GED program located at the ALC in the former Gore Middle School building. Read on..........

West Virginia is blending the GED® Tests with a Career Technical Education (CTE) pathway. This pathway is a chance for high school students to remain in school, take the GED Tests and graduate on time!

In order for the student to become an Option student, the student must be behind in credits or at risk of dropping out of school. The student must then be recommended by a teacher, counselor or principal to the GED Option Team.

The Option student’s plan will include the following:

· Attends GED preparation classes

· Passes the GED Tests

· Completes a 21st Century job preparation “21st Century Global Skills” program

· Completes the four (4) required core courses in a CTE skilled pathway concentration or any program of study resulting in a certification

· Meets standards on the WorkKeys® job skills assessment

· Reaches or exceeds the cut score set by WVDE on the End-of-Concentration Performance Assessment, if applicable.

The student successful in achieving all of the stated requirements will receive a high school diploma.

Speak with your counselor if you are interested in pursuing this option pathway to graduation.